Create, publish and distribute your fabulous content
Stay in control
Get paid what you ask for
Share the profits with co-creators
Secure your copyright

The MUNDO dOnum smart media wrapper will get this done!

Give something to the world
and the world will give you something in return!

What could the smart media wrapper do for you?

  • Wrote a book or an article? An essay or paper?
  • Recorded a great song or album with your band?
  • Produced your own singer-songwriter tracks?
  • Filmed, directed or edited a video?
  • Want to distribute your creative content via the internet?
  • Do you want to be paid for what you made?
  • No more illegal copies of your content?
  • Do you really want to get paid what you think your creation is worth?
  • Work and distribute autonomous and independent?
  • Distribute your movie, blockbuster or arthouse film, ready made for pay-per-view?

Wrapping your content (music, text, magazine, ebook, film or any other sort you can think of) for distribution with the MUNDO dOnum smart media wrapper, will give you all those benefits.

  • Let your work find its way to your target audience
  • Let your fans share your work and still get paid for it
  • Secure your copyright
  • Create opportunities to make more non-mainstream productions and still getting paid for them
  • Automatically split the profit with your team members
  • Small audiences or big crowds, you are in control!
  • Pay-per-view or any other revenue model possible
  • Give away a preview of your work

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