For Filmmakers

Are you a filmmaker, independent documentary director, film production company or film distributor?

Are you making a movie, documentary, explanatory animation, short film, feature film independent cult film, art house film, music video or other audiovisual content? Then you might also be interested in distributing your project.

Which service?

You could choose YouTube or Vimeo or any other service to reach out to your audience. But be honest, only some filmmakers, YouTubers and established filmmakers will earn some serious money on these platforms.

And even if you have access to the major platforms, such as HBO or Disney or Netflix, why choose? Why not distribute independently and still get paid what you want, directly from your viewers, pay-per-view or through any other revenue model you could think of.

Automatically share the earnings

How nice would it be to distribute the income, directly and automatically, without any interference or action from yourself, amongst all entitled parties? According to an allocation key to be set by you.

The solution you’ve always dreamed of

With the MUNDO dOnum smart media wrapper you can wrap your film in a secure software container and simultaneously secure your copyright information in the dOnum blockchain ledger. So you can always prove that the content is really yours. And you decide what the viewer pays to watch your film.

Protect your copyright securely with MUNDO dOnum smart media wrapper.

Distribute your content anywhere without having to worry about illegal copies.

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