For Music publishing

Are you a musician, composer, singer-songwriter, band manager or music publisher?

Composing or recording, writing and singing, playing together or alone, in a band or an orchestra. This is what you do and what you like most.

But with all the illegal copying of music and the advent of streaming services where most artists do not really earn anything, the revenue model has shifted to earning money from performances or gigs. And now with Covid-19 even concerts are all canceled. How can you still make money these days?

The stage is all yours!

Even if you are the largest music publisher in the world or a well-known artist with millions of fans and as many streams on Spotify or Google Play Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal or Juke, why won’t you distribute your music independently as well? You will get paid what you want. Directly from your listeners, pay-per-play or for playing a week, a month, 10 times or endlessly or any other model you like. As a single track or as an album.

Automatically divide earnings

How nice would it be to divide the earnings, directly and automatically, without any interference or action from yourself, between all entitled parties? According to an allocation key to be set by you.

Define the price and get paid what you want for your music production. Receive the total amount of what you think it’s worth! Instead of a small portion of the profit that a streaming service earns from your music.

The solution you’ve always dreamed of

With the MUNDO dOnum smart media wrapper you can wrap your music in a secure software container and simultaneously secure your copyright information in the dOnum blockchain ledger. So you can always prove that the content is really yours. And you decide what your audience pays to listen to your music.

Protect your copyright securely with MUNDO dOnum smart media wrapper.

Distribute your content anywhere without having to worry about it.

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