For Publicists

Are you a publicist, journalist, author or publisher?

How great would it be to publish your ebook, journalistic article, e-magazine or any other digital written content, without having to worry about it being copied without getting paid!

Stop illegal copies now!

At MUNDO dOnum we understand that you are cautious to publish an ebook. Even with innovative security options, an ebook is easy to pass on to friends and acquaintances. You, as a publisher or writer, will not be paid for your efforts. As a result, publishers and writers are less able to create beautiful new things or realize small editions.

Illegal copying must be stopped to prevent further decline of the industry.

In order to reach a larger audience, you would like to distribute your publication as an e-book. Or simply because you want to be able to publish independently. Whether it concerns a magazine, a journalistic article, poems, literature or even a picture book, with a digital edition you can reach more people. But when e-publishing your content, you want it distributed really safely.

When publishing via existing services, you only earn a small part of the price that the platform asks for it. Or the services work with subscriptions, such as Medium, and you’ll get next to nothing for the reading time they measure.

Distribute your content securely

With the MUNDO dOnum smart media wrapper you can distribute your own digital content everywhere without any worries.

Wrap your content with the MUNDO dOnum smart media wrapper and share it on any social media platform, or any website you like. Let people share it with each other, anywhere, and still get paid for your work!

The solution you’ve always dreamed of

With the MUNDO dOnum smart media wrapper you can wrap your content in a secure software container and simultaneously secure your copyright information in the dOnum blockchain ledger. So you can always prove that the content is really yours. And you decide what your audience pays to read your content.

Protect your copyright securely with MUNDO dOnum smart media wrapper.

Distribute your content anywhere without having to worry about it.

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