The project

What is MUNDO dOnum smart media wrapper?

The MUNDO dOnum smart media wrapper is software that enables you to distribute your media content safely and without worry. You no longer have to choose one of the many streaming or distributing services.

Your book or article will no longer be illegally forwarded without you earning from it.

Distribute independently and on any social media platform or website you want. To use MUNDO dOnum smart media wrapper is easy to use and completely free of charge*.

The money you earn with your book, film or music can be distributed among different parties by the software automatically. That saves a lot of hassle and administration.

Blockchain project

This software project is a start up blockchain project. The main goal is for users / creatives, like yourself, to get paid honestly for all the beautiful things they make, the content they create.

And if you are paid fairly for what you make, you will have room for new beautiful things to make. And thus, not only commercial and main-stream projects will have the right to exist.

Who needs MUNDO dOnum?

The target audience for the smart media wrapper is anyone who wants to distribute something they’ve made. This could be a singer-song writer, a band, an orchestra, a independent film maker, an author of books, a journalist or any distrubution company or publisher of films or music. And also any ebook publisher.

Why is this necessary?

There are already so many possibilities to distribute your media files?
That is correct but these are intended to make the owner of the (streaming) service as rich as possible. ie. Google, Apple, Spotify, Deezer, Blendle, Netflix, HBO, Disney et cetera.

Existing (sreaming) services were initially very interesting for customers. They were promised the world for a small monthly subscription fee. But nowadays there are many different services with various content and customers need multiple paid accounts to access the specific content they are looking for.

As an artist, you need access to all of these platforms to reach your audience or fans and add your content to many services. And then you get a paltry tip from the service if a customer listens to your music, watches your movie, or reads your book or article.

And great initiatives such as Bandcamp, unfortunately, are not safe to distribute your music with. Someone can buy your tracks and then send the music freely to their friends. And you won’t get paid.

In the end the current trend is making everything mainstream. When creatives are paid for their work normally again, they will eventually be able to make more beautiful things. That makes the world a better place for everyone.

For whom again?

MUNDO dOnum smart media wrapper is not meant only for obscure bands from the province, but is also a fantastic distribution tool for large commercial music publishers. Not only for a small film producer or independent documentary filmmaker, but also to offer service-independent, pay-per-view films, and to distribute them freely via the internet on all conceivable (own) platforms, and websites.

MUNDO dOnum is also great for major movie distribution companies such as 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, Miramax, New Line Cinema, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Bros. DreamWorks, Pixar, PolyGram Filmed Entertainment and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer of United Artists. And for any online video store.

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* The software will be completely free of charge for wrapping and distributing your files. It could be possible that money transactions are charged by your bank or other parties needed for payment services. The end user (ie. listener, reader or viewer) pays the amount that you have indicated in the software and on top of that a small percentage for MUNDO dOnum.